Posts From April, 2018

Freezing Time?

Submitted by Barbara Faber, MD  It’s great that we are living longer and healthier lives. Forty may be the new thirty, and fifty the new forty but it doesn’t work that way with female reproduction. Women are still “programmed” to start having children in their late teens/early twenties and by the early to middle thirties,… Read More »

Getting Pregnant Should Be Easy, Right?

Submitted by: Barbara Faber, MD Women get pregnant all the time without even trying and even when they are taking measures to prevent it.  But for some couples, it’s just not that easy.  In fact, knowing what I know, I wonder how it happens at all.  It’s complicated.  A lot of stuff has to go… Read More »

Weight Loss Program Phoenix, AZ

Want to Lose That Stubborn Fat?

When it comes to feeling good about yourself, it starts with obtaining a healthy weight. However, because more than 70% of Americans are overweight, losing weight isn’t always as easy as people set out to make it be. Here at Camelback Women’s Health, we have a weight loss program that is designed specifically for women… Read More »

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