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Say goodbye to vaginal dryness with MonaLisa Touch

If you’ve been suffering from vaginal dryness or burning or painful intercourse, you should talk to your doctor about your treatment options. One state-of-the-art FDA-approved treatment called MonaLisa Touch uses laser energy to treat these and other unpleasant vaginal conditions that post-menopausal women experience. Here are some frequently asked questions about this treatment option and… Read More »

Endometrial Ablation

Get the MonaLisa Touch Treatment

When you think of the Mona Lisa, you likely think of the iconic portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci that’s now located in the Louvre. Similarly to how that painting has impacted the art world, the MonaLisa Touch treatment could completely change your life like it has for many other women. MonaLisa Touch is a… Read More »

MonaLisa Touch Phoenix, AZ

How MonaLisa Can Help You Gain Back Bladder Control

Losing bladder control is something you thought you would get rid of when you were a toddler and went through potty training, but life is full of surprises including urinary incontinence as an adult. As a fairly common condition— especially among women who have given vaginal childbirth— urinary incontinence is treatable and nothing to be… Read More »

MonaLisa Touch Phoenix, AZ

Let’s Talk About the MonaLisa

If you have been to Le Louvre in Paris, you know just how surprisingly small yet so impactful seeing the Mona Lisa in person feels like. Although we at Camelback Women’s Health can’t reinvent that same feeling over and over again, we can help in another area with the MonaLisa Touch procedure at our office.… Read More »

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