Instructions: Glucose Tolerance Testing


This test is routinely done during the 28th week of pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes.  You will also be tested for anemia at this time.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully!

• Eat normally the day before the test.

• Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the test. This includes candy and gum. You may have a sip of water.

• The lab is open at 8:00 am Monday through Friday at the Paradise Valley location and at 8:30am Monday through Friday at the Biltmore location.

• You will NOT be allowed to have this test done if you arrive in the office after 10:30 am.

• When you arrive at the office, sign in at the front desk and let the receptionist know you’re here to begin your glucose testing.

• The lab technician will give you a small amount of glucose (sugar water) to drink.

• Exactly one hour later you will have your blood drawn.

• It is highly recommended you remain in the office during this hour in case you experience nausea or lightheadedness or need to lie down.

• We also recommend you bring a light healthy snack such as fruit, vegetables, crackers, and bottled water for you to have after your blood is drawn. You will want to have something to eat before operating your vehicle.

• Have a healthy meal at your next meal period.


If you were given the glucose drink to take home:

• Keep the drink refrigerated.

• You must be able to drink the full amount within 5 minutes of starting. Notate the exact time you finished.

• Be sure to arrive at the office within 45 minutes of finishing the drink.

• Sign in at the front desk and let the receptionist know you’re here for your blood draw and give her the exact time you finished the drink.

• You must have your blood drawn exactly one hour after you finished the drink.

Once the results are in, if your glucose levels are elevated, the office will contact you to arrange further testing. This may include a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. This does NOT mean you actually have diabetes. If your tests report as normal, the physician or nurse practitioner will discuss them with you at your next regularly scheduled visit.

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