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Endometrial Ablation

What can be done for unusually heavy periods?

If you deal with the inconvenience and pain of unusually heavy periods, soaking through a pad or tampon every two hours or less, then you should talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Usually, doctors will prescribe medication or an intrauterine device, called an IUD, to treat it. If those treatments don’t work or… Read More »

COVID-19 (Corona) Virus Update

COVID-19 (Corona) Virus Update   The safety and wellness of our patients, staff, and visitors is a top priority here at Camelback Women’s Health.   We are doing everything possible to keep our offices a safe and healthy environment for everyone. We recommend you continue to monitor and comply with the recommendations of the CDC, World… Read More »

Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

While Vitamin D is traditionally known to be important with controlling calcium levels, we now know it to be a vital component for our immune system, regulating inflammation, and particularly important for the placental growth in pregnancy. We know that our bodies make Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, however, the increased concerns for… Read More »

21 Reasons To See A Gynecologist Before Age 21

Although most young women don’t need to have a pap smear until they become sexually active, there are: Stay at a healthy body weight and feel good about your body Start good habits for healthy bones. Learn if you have a urinary tract infection and get treatment if you do. Get treatment for vaginal itching,… Read More »

Healthier You, Phoenix, AZ

3 Resolutions for a Healthier You

New Year’s resolutions can be a bit overwhelming and impractical for many people, but they can also be the perfect opportunity to reflect on your life, your health, and your overall goals. As women’s’ health specialists, we have created a list of three resolutions for every one of our patients to consider doing this year.… Read More »

Weight Loss Program Phoenix, AZ

Want to Lose That Stubborn Fat?

When it comes to feeling good about yourself, it starts with obtaining a healthy weight. However, because more than 70% of Americans are overweight, losing weight isn’t always as easy as people set out to make it be. Here at Camelback Women’s Health, we have a weight loss program that is designed specifically for women… Read More »

Healthier You, Phoenix, AZ

3 Ways to Get Up and Moving During the Holidays

It’s that time of year— you know the one— where there are endless trays of treats around, a big feast around the corner, and virtually every excuse to not workout. As one of the best things you can do for your health, however, exercise is a great way to clear your mind and get your… Read More »

Cold vs. Flu

Knowing the signs and symptoms of each will help you decide which over-the-counter medications will work best for you: Symptoms Cold Flu Fever Rare Characteristic, high (102-104*); lasts 3-4 days Headache Rare Prominent General aches & pains Slight Usual; often severe Fatigue & weakness Mild Can last up to 2-3 weeks Exhaustion Never Early &… Read More »

Medicare & Hormone Replacement

Recent changes in the U.S. insurance industry have had some unsettling effects on drug benefits for our patients on Medicare. Beginning in January of 2014 and extending through next year, many Medicare providers have withdrawn coverage or will soon withdraw coverage for traditional hormone replacement regimens. Using studies published in journals of gerontology, they have… Read More »

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