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What You Should Know About Post-Partum Depression

KNOW THE SIGNS Most women with postpartum depression begin having symptoms within a month of giving birth. But it can take up to one year for symptoms to start. – Feeling sad, hopeless, empty, or overwhelmed – Crying more often than usual – Feeling anxious, irritable, or angry – Sleeping too much or not being… Read More »

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care Phoenix, AZ

Just Found Out You’re Expecting? What You Need to Do

If you just found out that you’re expecting, then congratulations! This is such an exciting time and is definitely worth celebrating. And even though you may be envisioning your future nursery and holding a new baby in your arms, there are some critical things that you can do during your first trimester. Take Folic Acid… Read More »

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3 Things to Shop for In a Prenatal Vitamin

The wonderful thing about pregnancy is that basically, you get to sit back and watch your body do the work for you. And although you may be suffering from morning sickness, back pain, or even sleepless nights, it’s pretty incredible to think that your body knows how to create life practically on its own. There… Read More »

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care Phoenix, AZ

How to Ease Back into Exercise After Delivery

The miracle of life is quite a miracle, especially from the mother’s point of view. Not only do you get to witness you body changing and growing in ways you didn’t think were possible, but you get to delivery a baby and bring new life into this world. Whether you had a vaginal delivery or… Read More »

Cold vs. Flu

Knowing the signs and symptoms of each will help you decide which over-the-counter medications will work best for you: Symptoms Cold Flu Fever Rare Characteristic, high (102-104*); lasts 3-4 days Headache Rare Prominent General aches & pains Slight Usual; often severe Fatigue & weakness Mild Can last up to 2-3 weeks Exhaustion Never Early &… Read More »

Zika Virus Warning

New information was released today regarding the Zika virus. This virus is spread through bites by the Aedes mosquito and is found primarily in Central America, South America, Mexico, Caribbean and Puerto Rico. There have been recently reported cases within the United States, of which all infected individuals had recently traveled to the above areas.… Read More »

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