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Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

While Vitamin D is traditionally known to be important with controlling calcium levels, we now know it to be a vital component for our immune system, regulating inflammation, and particularly important for the placental growth in pregnancy. We know that our bodies make Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, however, the increased concerns for… Read More »

Endometrial Ablation

Get the MonaLisa Touch Treatment

When you think of the Mona Lisa, you likely think of the iconic portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci that’s now located in the Louvre. Similarly to how that painting has impacted the art world, the MonaLisa Touch treatment could completely change your life like it has for many other women. MonaLisa Touch is a… Read More »

5 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Breast Health Tips October isn’t just the start of the Halloween season, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We’d like to share with you some lifestyle tips to help prevent breast cancer and promote breast health. Discover Your Family History Family history is one of the most significant factors when it comes to your chances… Read More »

August: National Breastfeeding Month

August is National Breastfeeding Month Submitted by: Alicia Garcia, Patient Advocate The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants be exclusively breastfed for about the first 6 months with continued breastfeeding alongside introduction of appropriate complementary foods for 1 year or longer. The World Health Organization also recommends exclusively breastfeeding up to 6 months… Read More »

What Are My Birth Control Options?

In this day and age, there are so many different forms of female contraception available that it can feel a little overwhelming. Here at Camelback Women’s Health, we strive to help all of our patients make a contraceptive choice that’s good for you, your lifestyle, and that you feel confident with. Let’s take a closer… Read More »

Laser Hair Removal Phoenix, AZ

How to Feel Confident In Your Body This Summer

Swimsuit season may be here, but if you’re feeling less than confident to slip into one in public, then we may have a few tips for you. Whether you’re self-conscious about your bikini line or your waistline, we may have a few cosmetic ways to help you stand a little taller and feel more comfortable… Read More »

Birth Control Options Phoenix, AZ

How to Permanently get ahold of your Reproductive Health

“Nothing is permanent” isn’t a saying that we go by here at our office. Although most things regarding your reproductive health aren’t permanent, there is one thing that we offer here at our office that is: permanent birth control. Other than undergoing a hysterectomy, though, how can birth control be permanent? Essure Essure is a… Read More »

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