How to Tell If You Need to Switch up Your Weight Loss Routine

Weight Loss Program  Phoenix, AZ With most of America being overweight, maintaining a healthy weight is something that we encourage all of our overweight patients to do. Losing weight will not only help your heart, but it can also help you with your fertility journey. The best way to lose weight is to combine both diet and exercise. However, sometimes, patients get to specific points where they need to switch things up. How can you tell if you need to? Let’s take a closer look.

You Can’t Lose Any More Weight

Losing weight can genuinely feel like an uphill battle. The most frustrating thing is that one week you may lose several pounds, and the next few weeks you may lose nothing at all. Sometimes this means that you need to jumpstart your metabolism by changing up your workout routine. Try doing something different. For instance, if you usually do a lot of weightlifting, then try adding more cardio.

You Aren’t Building Muscle

There are two steps in the weight loss process. The first step is when you are just trying to drop as much weight as possible. This step is the most emotionally and physically taxing part of any weight loss journey, but ‘it’s so worth it.

The second step of the process is building muscle and strength; this is where people usually feel like they need to switch things up— because they do! After you have gotten to your ideal weight, it’s time to do more weight training. Rather than doing a bunch of cardio to lose weight, start adding in some weights to your daily workout routine. If you have never done weight lifting, then make sure that you ask a personal trainer to help you out so that you ‘don’t get injured.

If you feel like your weight has plateaued and you ‘aren’t able to get rid of anymore, then you may feel clueless about what you can do. Use these tips or contact our office and schedule an appointment with us.

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