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How to Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Life is hard, especially around the holidays. If you are feeling like the holidays are weighing extra heavy on you this year, then it’s time to make sure that you cross yourself off of your Christmas list. Luckily, here at Camelback Women’s Health, we have a variety of different non-invasive procedures that you can treat… Read More »

HPV Testing & Prevention Phoenix, AZ

What to Know About HPV

When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, there is one virus in particular that many patients don’t know much about: the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. The tricky thing about HPV is that there are over 100 different strains of this virus and some of them may increase your risk for cancer. Let’s take a closer… Read More »

Obstetrics & Prenatal Care Phoenix, AZ

Just Found Out You’re Expecting? What You Need to Do

If you just found out that you’re expecting, then congratulations! This is such an exciting time and is definitely worth celebrating. And even though you may be envisioning your future nursery and holding a new baby in your arms, there are some critical things that you can do during your first trimester. Take Folic Acid… Read More »

3D Mammography Phoenix, AZ

Should I Get a Mammogram? What You Should Know

As you age, there are a variety of screenings that are recommended such as colon cancer screenings, prostate screenings for men, and mammograms for women. But did you know that other than age, there are other indicators that come into play when it comes to deciding if you should get a mammogram? If you’re unclear… Read More »

MedSpa Services Phoenix, AZ

Why Is PRP With Microneedling So Popular?

When it comes to taking good care of your skin, you always want to have the latest and greatest— after all, how else are you going to get the best results? One of the most popular skin care trends right now is microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This unique, two-step procedure involves extracting the plasma… Read More »

Dermal Fillers Phoenix, AZ

Why Dermal Fillers Are So Popular

When it comes to taking care of yourself as a woman, it starts from the inside and works its way out. As you age, there are few things that are more obnoxious than fine lines and wrinkles and an overall loss of collagen in your skin— all of which can contribute to a loss of… Read More »

MonaLisa Touch Phoenix, AZ

How MonaLisa Can Help You Gain Back Bladder Control

Losing bladder control is something you thought you would get rid of when you were a toddler and went through potty training, but life is full of surprises including urinary incontinence as an adult. As a fairly common condition— especially among women who have given vaginal childbirth— urinary incontinence is treatable and nothing to be… Read More »

Freezing Time?

Submitted by Barbara Faber, MD  It’s great that we are living longer and healthier lives. Forty may be the new thirty, and fifty the new forty but it doesn’t work that way with female reproduction. Women are still “programmed” to start having children in their late teens/early twenties and by the early to middle thirties,… Read More »

Getting Pregnant Should Be Easy, Right?

Submitted by: Barbara Faber, MD Women get pregnant all the time without even trying and even when they are taking measures to prevent it.  But for some couples, it’s just not that easy.  In fact, knowing what I know, I wonder how it happens at all.  It’s complicated.  A lot of stuff has to go… Read More »

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