Should I Get a Mammogram? What You Should Know

3D Mammography  Phoenix, AZ As you age, there are a variety of screenings that are recommended such as colon cancer screenings, prostate screenings for men, and mammograms for women. But did you know that other than age, there are other indicators that come into play when it comes to deciding if you should get a mammogram? If you’re unclear when, and if, you should schedule a mammogram with Camelback Women’s Health, we have a few signs that point to it being the right time for you.

Family History

If you have a family history of breast cancer, then we will usually have you come into our office for a mammogram starting in your early 40’s. During one of your yearly exams, however, we will discuss your family history and your current health to help determine when exactly is the right time for you to come in for a screening.

History of Radiation to the Chest

If you had radiation to the chest when you were between ages 10 to 30, then it is recommended that you get an early mammogram. Some studies show that patients who have undergone chest radiation are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Have Dense Breast Tissue

If you have dense breast tissue, it can make it harder to detect lumps with a regular breast exam that’s done with the hands. For patients who do have dense breast tissue, we typically recommend a 3D mammogram earlier on to get a closer look at the inside of the breast tissues to detect any abnormalities.

Getting a mammogram is the best way to help detect breast cancer and start treatment early on. Although most women don’t need to get regular mammograms until they are in their 50’s, if you fall into any of the three categories listed above, then you may need to get a mammogram sooner. To learn more about your health or to schedule a mammogram, contact our Phoenix office today and call 602-494-5050.

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