3 Things to Know About Pap Smears

Gynecology Phoenix, AZThere are some things in life that you love doing like going on vacation, going to the spa, and treating yourself to a perfect shopping day. However, there are other things in life that you know you should be doing but you’d rather put it off— including getting a pap smear. However, did you know that if you are over the age of 21, you should get a pap smear every three years if you get regular results? If you are over the age of 21 and still haven’t had a pap smear, here are three things to know.

  • They Are Fast

If you are expecting to have to take the entire day off of work to get a pap smear, don’t worry, you will only need about an hour total. However, your pap smear itself will only take a minute or two. The rest of your appointment will be similar to a wellness check.

  • The Pain is Tolerable

One of the biggest things that patients are nervous about before getting their first pap smear is how painful it’s going to be. On average, most patients only experience a small amount of cramping, but it should subside in just a minute or two. If you are extremely nervous about the pain, make sure to speak with your doctor beforehand, and we will work to make sure that you remain calm and comfortable.

  1. They Can Be Life Saving

Just like with all forms of cancer, if cervical cancer is caught early on, it can be treated. If you have HPV, you smoke, or if you have a family history of cervical cancer, you may be at a higher risk of developing it. However, by getting regular pap smears, we can try to catch cervical cancer early on.

Yes, your 21st birthday should be all about celebrating with a cocktail and a group of your best friends, but it should also be about taking good care of your health. Schedule your pap smear at one of our Camelback Women’s Health offices today!

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