How to Permanently get ahold of your Reproductive Health

Birth Control Options  Phoenix, AZ“Nothing is permanent” isn’t a saying that we go by here at our office. Although most things regarding your reproductive health aren’t permanent, there is one thing that we offer here at our office that is: permanent birth control. Other than undergoing a hysterectomy, though, how can birth control be permanent?


Essure is a proven permanent birth control procedure that works by creating a natural barrier against pregnancy. During this non-surgical procedure, we will place a soft, flexible insert inside of your fallopian tubes. Over a three month period, a barrier forms around the insert which prevents pregnancy. This barrier is made of scar tissue which prevents the sperm from ever reaching the egg. Up until the three month mark, however, you need to continue using another form of birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Does It Hurt?

No, one of the great things about Essure is that it’s a gentle, non-surgical procedure that can be done in our office in just minutes. During the procedure, we may prescribe you with some anti-anxiety medication or we may use a topical numbing cream to make sure that you remain comfortable.

What Are the Benefits?

Other than being a non-surgical, permanent form of birth control, Essure is great because it doesn’t use any hormones so you won’t have to worry about any of those side effects. Also, you should be able to return to your normal activities in just a day or two depending on how you’re feeling.

If you are past the age of wanting to have babies,then you may want to consider Essure as your permanent birth control option To learn more, contact our Phoenix office today and call us at 602-494-5050.

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