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It’s Women’s History Month and to celebrate we’re taking a look at how birth control has given women a way to take control of their reproductive health. In fact, your preference for birth control will likely also change over the years of your life, depending on your needs and goals at the time. Here is a brief look at the most common, popular form of birth control – The Pill.

How Does the Pill Work?

According to the CDC, four out of five sexually experienced women have used the pill for contraception. There are a variety of different pills you can take, but they can be separated down into two types. One being combination pills, containing both estrogen and progestin, this is the most commonly prescribed form. Within combination pills, there are different types with varying amounts of hormones but they all protect from pregnancy the same way by thinning the lining of the uterus (making it more difficult for eggs to attach) and thickening cervical mucus (so it’s more difficult for sperm to reach your uterus in the first place). You may have to try different pills to determine which one works best for you.

If your body is sensitive to estrogen, we might suggest progestin-only pills—which thicken the cervical mucus while also thinning the uterine lining. Some progestin-only pills can also suppress ovulation, but that isn’t the primary way they prevent pregnancy.

How Effective is The Pill?

The pill’s effectiveness is entirely dependent on if it’s taken correctly. That means that it’s taken every day at the same time, without skipping a dose. If you can do that, it’s up to 99% effective. However, we are all human and live in the real world, where sometimes it’s impossible to remember to take your pill regularly. However, if you do miss a dose, the effectiveness goes down considerably.

Another thing to take into consideration, are the other medications and supplements you’re taking. Let your doctor know what other prescriptions, medications, or supplements you take before starting the pill. If you’re ever concerned or worried, use a backup method of birth control.

We’d love to discuss your birth control questions and concerns with you to find the best method for your life. Call 602-494-5050 or 602-468-3912 now to make an appointment with us.

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